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Safe & Secure

Secured Systems – All our systems are secured with encrypted passwords and even the sheets and accounting and bookkeeping software is password protected. Hence, there is no way that there can be un-authorised access to your data. We understand the need to protect your data. Ledgers, Invoice, etc. all are an important part of a business and they are meant to be kept secret. We feel that if your trust us with your data, it is our prime responsibility to provide security to your data with the best possible measures.

Non-Disclosure of Details – When you outsource to us, we provide you the guarantee that we will not disclose your personal information to anyone. We are very discrete about any such information. This is our commitment to safety and security that you sign a non-disclosure agreement with us. Hence, both parties cannot discuss the details of the assignments with any unauthorised third party not directly involved with the process.

Firewalls – Each workstation system is equipped with a firewall that blocks any unwanted elements to enter our network and then spread virus or Trojans into our system. We block all the unwanted websites so that there is no phishing activity going on with our systems. We also encourage or clients to scan the data for any kind of virus before they send it to us.

Limited Access to Social Sites – We have absolutely limited the access to social sites from our system. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. tend to shift the focus of any accountant. Hence, we have blocked such 5000+ Social Media, Video Media and Audio Media sites from our network. Hence any system connected to our network will not be able to access media sites and use any unfair means to transfer your personal data.

Protected FTP and Servers – Our File Transfer Protocol Servers are protected with password at each and every step. If you want to open a file, there is a different password for that, and if you want to copy, use, edit, modify a file, then there are different passwords for that. Hence, any un-authorised user will not be able to download, edit, modify or delete your data from our FTP secured servers.

Access Permissions – Each and every user has been given a standard right to perform read, modify or execute operations on the user data, i.e. only specific users will have full rights to access your file, whereas, users meant to just read you data, can only read the contents of the file and cannot change the data. This can prove to be very handy, because sometimes when we present your data to young interns for any kind of mock-up, we make sure that they have only the “read-only” permission, i.e. they can only read the contents of the file and cannot alter its contents.

Hence, we assure you that your data is in safe hands, and we will not compromise security of data at any cost. Data is important and we make sure that it is our top priority while handling any kinds of secure outsource bookkeeping & Accounting.

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