Outsourcing Services for USA

The trend of outsourcing have emerged its origin from the overseas countries like USA, UK, Canada or Australia. And the main source of outsourcing comes from the USA. They offer to outsource their business operations on the high percentage every year. The focus region of USA for outsource its activities is in the Asian countries like India and China. This percentage tend to increase by every passing year and it is expected that soon this percentage will inclined with rapid growth reaching  nearly to 75 – 80% by the year 2020.

Every outsource company perpetually tend to choose the best outsource firm for outsourcing their business activities taking in thought of all of their facilities, cost, services and experience in the field of outsourcing.

Global Bookkeeping facilitating the outsourcing services for the USA from the past 7 year and have made their clients happy by providing them with the best outsourcing services.

We are working for the USA CPA clients from the regions of Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angles, Las Vegas, New York, San Antonio, Santa Monica and California.

We help the clients to provide the outsourcing services according to their need and the work solely which they wishes to delegate to us. The business operations delegate to us can be from their regular activities or their non-core activities.

Types of Services Provide By Accounting Outsource Hub to Our USA Clients

Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing

We provide the basic facility of accounting process and bookkeeping outsourcing, managing the input and posting of day to day transactions or on monthly basis, with assistence of our expertise software package by our accountants. We act as accounting bookkeeper for our USA clients.

Financial Reports

Financial reports are generated according to our client’s requirements for the amount and time period required by them. They can be generated on the time period of:

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Yearly

Financial reports preparation includes the generation of:

Payroll Services

We enhance the payroll services in way of preparation their salary statements, calculating their basic pay, commission, bonus, deduction of the tax, and even clearing their pay checks from the bank and reconcile them.

A/R and A/P

We offer the complete management of accounts receivables and accounts payables from the time they occur, then entering and storage to their end step of clearing the invoices or bills. And their end results will be the reconciliation reports for A/R and A/P.

Tax Services

USA features a complex nature of tax system consisting of State and Local Federal Tax. This requires the calculation at every level making the procedure more complex and tricky. We are there for your help in better future planning of your tax and the also preparing the tax returns for you at the end of every tax year. We will ensure that you will not be charged with higher tax by utilizing the tax notifications in an efficient manner.

Clearing Invoices

With the proper authority given by the outsource clients to us for processing and clearing the invoices. We ensure the proper processing of invoices, ensuring the no chances of errors. For some clients, we make the payments against the standing invoices through the bank or the way the clients authorized.

Cash Management

We perceive the necessity of proper cash management in the current assets, to ensure the proper flow of cash in the enterprise. Reconciliation of accounts helps us to maintain the proper and match balance at every month in accordance with the transaction occurred in that period.


Why to Choose Global Bookkeeping to Outsource?

We very well understand your concern regarding your business and will perpetually you in an effective way to manage your business well by giving you the facility of outsourcing your services with full dedication.

We are equipped with latest technology tools that help us in managing your outsourcing activities with the lesser chances of errors and data loss. The software we use, gives the higher degree of security.

We provide the outsourcing services at affordable rates from all the other outsourcing firms prevailing in the market. We work and charged according to the hours we work for you. Our charges are not avail on the working days basis. It will be beneficial for, as you have to pay only for the numbers of hours we work for you. Our team will be there for your assistance 24/7.

As we will be working you from India, we will always offer you with lower labor cost, but it does not mean that the hired employees are not professionals. We are the core team of highly professionals have accessed to knowledge in basic accounting and bookkeeping. Even, we have a qualified team who is expertize in preparing the Federal and State Tax Returns.

We hope that our past 7 years of experience will soon fetches us more clients like you. You are free to contact us at any time regarding any query or deal to our outsourcing services.

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Account
  • Cash Flow
  • General Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation Reports
  • Payroll Reports
  • Accounts Receivable Or Accounts Payable Repots