Accounts Receivable Services

Outsource Accounts Receivable Services India

Accounts receivable are amounts a company has a right to collect on the account of selling goods or services on credit to a customer. Accounts receivable are assets. Organisations have to keep a regular check on the money which is in debt. If the money is in debt for a longer duration, it can pose problems for the organisation as it may lead to improper management of funds and can prove to be a big obstacle in the path of success of that organisation.

Hence, by outsourcing your accounts receivable services, you can get the benefit of saving a lot of time and money by employing virtual accounting assistants who will prepare regular statements of accounts receivables and will update you with the long overdue standing receivables.

Studies have shown that if an account is overdue by 120 days, you end up earning only 50 cents per dollar that is overdue. This is a serious number, which should be taken into consideration. While you want to get in touch with the new clients, and don’t have the time to go after these “lazy” payers, your virtual accounting assistant can take the matter in his hands and get the cash running into the organisation.

Many companies that are looking to grow cannot do so because of the capital required to expand. Most of it is linked to accounts receivables. While it may look that you can take the next step, accounts show otherwise. Financial stability will be attained when there are proper funds allocated to the assets. Often a lot of money is tied up in Accounts Receivables and you face a lot of problem when the funds are not there for your assistance when you need them. Hence, knowing that your clients will pay their debt on time is stress-relieving when you are running a small business.

Various Accounts Receivable services that we provide are:

  • Accounts Receivable Monitoring & Reporting
  • Invoice Collection
  • Process Audit and Review
  • Post Audits
  • Resolved Deduction Review
  • Account reconciliations
  • Prompt Invoicing
  • Credit Risk management
  • Daily Monitoring of Debt Collection

Since, we have just named a few of our accounts receivable services; you can always get in touch with us to know more about our services. We also provide FREE DEMO of our accounts receivable outsourcing services to clients so that they can look at the quality of the data that we provide and judge for themselves. You can always contact us if you have any query regarding any issue that you are facing. We will be more than happy to resolve the issues and help you grow.

Global bookkeeping provide Accounts Receivable Outsourcing services aid in our customer's success by :-

  • Reducing costs
  • Improving cash flow
  • Eliminating postage and material expenses
  • Increasing revenue by providing cross-selling/up-selling opportunities
  • Increasing Return on Investment (ROI) for marketing programs
  • Reducing calls to customer service
  • Improving customer retention and relationships