Tax Preparation

Employing an in-house team for tax preparation services is a money burner. For a vast majority of businesses, outsourcing their tax preparation services offer an attractive and valuable alternative to in-house processing. Most organisations do not follow the need to outsource their tax preparation services because they think that it is the best that they can get in the market. Well, think again.

When you factor-in the time spent in preparing tax for your organisation, you will come to know that you are wasting a lot of time and money by paying an in-house team for the tasks that could be  outsourced to well-qualified and experienced professionals for a much less fee.

Many organisations believe that outsource tax preparation services will make the buying and expenses public. They want to keep such information secret. With Global Bookkeeping, you don’t have to worry about it a single bit. With our secured server and Full Employee Discretion Policy, we give full security of data to the clients because our dedicated secure servers have the latest firewalls installed that will repel any kind of outside intrusion or any kind of un-authorised access to strangers. Our servers are password protected and the password is changed every day to keep the information inside it safe.

Tax preparation requires giving importance to each and every detail. Studies have shown that one out of three employees makes a mistake while preparing taxes and this goes on to result in severe penalties and paying of a lot more tax than you usually should. Now is the high time that you go beyond the hassle of preparing taxes and outsource your tax preparation services to us and get a competitive edge over your competitors by saving more time and money and using them to grow your business.

What Global bookkeeping do for you ?

Outsource Tax Preparation Services To Global Bookkeeping At Unbelievably Low Rates

  • Individual & Business Taxes for CPAs / EAs.
  • High Quality/Efficiency.

Our tax return preparation services are for USA :

  • Individual Tax Preparation - Form 1040
  • Partnerships Tax Preparation - Form 1065
  • Corporation Tax Preparation - Form 1120, 1120S

Tax preparation software we used for USA:

  • ProSeries
  • Intuit's Lacerte
  • Drake
  • Ultra Tax
  • ATX
  • Pro Systems FX

Our tax return preparation services are for UK..

  • SA100 for individuals
  • SA800 for partnerships
  • SA900 for trusts and estates of deceased persons
  • CT600 for Corporation Tax
  • P35 for PAYE deductions by employers and National Insurance contributions
  • VAT100 for value added tax on sale and purchase