Accounting has experienced several advancements just in one decade. The accounting has evaluated form the hand written accounts to the accounting software. All the accounting process from the recording to interpreting the results has experienced the vast change from the manual doing work to the accounting work done with the help of any accounting software.

Accounting software has automated all the accounting process. You just have to post the transactions and the further process is taken mechanically by the software. For instance: In India, tally is the first most widely used software by all the business entities and other trading companies. And QuickBooks is the overseas accounting software, which is used globally by the overseas countries like U.S.A, U.K. and Canada and MYOB software is specially designed by the Australia and New Zealand.

The same is situation with the outsourcing firms, the firm which deal in outsourcing business, also uses several software as per their clients recommendations or identical software which they are already using for their accounting work.. But, QuickBooks is the most widely used software by the outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping firms.

In this present era, technology plays an integral part of everyone’s life. The I.T. sectors come up with several developments in the existing technology, even after short intervals. These advancements are advantageous for folks they have been targeted in. Even the accounting software has facilitated the accountants with various advancements and their trends.

It is very important for the business firms to walk matching their steps with the technology and so vital for the outsourcing firms. Every business firm must understand the need to update their technology and to change from outdated accounting procedures to advance ones. Accounting business and even outsourcing firms must look for the new and innovative method for carry on the accounting process in their firms.

Adoption for the advance technology is always beneficial for the business firms, to compete in the environment crowded with competition. It will also make them to deliver all their work before the deadlines and making their clients/customers happy. Even the firm can work more efficiently and effectively.


Here listed few of emerging trends in the accounting field which can benefited the business firms a lot:


It is version of the accounting softwares, in which the softwares are used online with the help of internet. Both the outsourcing company and clients is access to the cloud software. They can share the data and communicate with the assistance of cloud. This helps the CPA’s a lot in sharing the data and work with more efficiently. In the cloud, first the data is sent, and then processed and again sent back to clients.


Remote is a kind of practice of operating the desktop accounting software on the hardware not only on the computer on which it is installed but also on the other computer to which the remote server is provided. All the other hardware is connect to the desktop connection with the remote allowing all the common access by the employees working on the same assignment.


The newest versions of accounting softwares are additionally accessible on your smartphone via mobile applications. You can operate the business operations from the mobiles. In the simple words the whole business will be in your hands. The clients of outsourcing firms can additionally insights business activities from their mobile.


All accounting softwares have amenity of backing up of data, automatically and even you can set the password for the each accounting file for the better protection of the recorded data. All the data is very much precious at the time of tax accounting and even for the firm itself for the future concern.


The business firms has also enabled the social media apps on their business website, through you can easily view all their activities and even can get touch with their regular work. This feature is very much beneficial for the outsourcing companies, as their clients are all from the overseas companies.


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