• Are you investing most of your time in manually entering sales transactions?
  • Are your sales transactions showing any errors while recording?
  • Are you suffering from any issues while managing your business?
  • Is sale operations don’t seem to be managed effectively by you?

If the answer for all the above questions is, yes, then it is time for updation in the business policies and your accounting software system. Sales are one among the foremost aspect of your business that decide the growth and expansion of your business. And this function sometimes becomes terrible to manage at the starting point of the business.

In the business market, there are several accounting softwares which assist you in making your sales procedures straightforward and economical to manage. Software has many basic features designed specifically for sales. But along with this, accounting software like, QuickBooks and Xero come up with the ability of app integration with in themselves. Integration helps the accountant to manage the business operation in a meticulous way.

There are several applications which are designed chiefly for the any one specified activity. And it is used for constant activity, as per the software need. Hence, for the sales procedure the technology has emerged with the app termed as SHOPIFY, which is basically designed for handling the sales operations in the meticulous way.

Shopify is basically an e-commerce platform for any business concern, that may be online stores or the retail business. It is the means of transferring your local business to online one. This app is the one time solution for handling your sales properly. The online business management becomes really easy than ever before.

The app manages all your online business sales which include:             

  • Marketing
  • Shipping
  • Customer Engagement
  • Orders Placed
  • Stock Left In Hand
  • Online Generation Invoices
  • Multiple Currency Sport
  • Product Code
  • Discounts/Vouchers/Gifts/Coupons
  • Online Payment Method
  • Global Tax Support


Shopify is the app which can be synchronized with accounting software system, giving finest output from the existing resources. Even it will link with many business, payments, storage and social media platforms, like eBay, Amazon, FlipKart, Facebook, twitter, Google Drive and so on. However, the foremost used accounting softwares in which Shopify is hooked up are QuickBooks and Xero. These two softwares are recommendably used by all the business firms all over the globe, mainly in the countries like, U.S.A, U.K., and Canada.

The incorporation of Shopify is supportive in making the sales recording in a meticulous way and even in managing your accounts receivables. It is perpetual to manage all these manually and transferring of data is always concern and a tedious job for every accountant. But with this practice the flow of information is easy and you can get all the mandatory data without any struggle. The integration will import all of your sales orders as account receivables automatically in the accounting software. The data is updated mechanically and timely, in Shopify, with any update on your online business.

The following are some features of Shopify that are provided to you when you integrate in the QuickBooks/Xero:

  • Automatically imports sales orders in the QuickBooks/Xero.
  • Along, the sales orders are converted into the accounts receivables by Shopify.
  • Shopify support full and comprehensive taxation system of the countries, in which it is widely used.
  • Track the remaining inventory and even updated the available stock on the website.
  • As payment feature is enabled on the site, when the payment is made by the customer, the invoices created, will automatically accepts the payments in the software.

This practice is favourable for all types of businesses firms, may be small or large. The benefits can be seen for the long run by the integration procedure. Here are some listed below:

  • You can track your stock, as helpful in inventory management.
  • Shipments can be tracked as per the present conditions.
  • Every day transactions are recorded and process is continued, tax calculation will become simpler.
  • You can see the quick reactions of your customers.
  • The business will represent the true view to the client.
  • A new opportunity to expand business globally by making your business online.
  • Sale processed will be up-to-date in your accounting software.

So, if you want a complete solution for your business in terms of sales, you must go for Shopify is you are using QuickBooks and Xero as your accounting softwares. These accounting softwares are already a complete package itself, but adding Shopify into your accounts, it will be a bonus for you. There benefits are far more than you can just imagine. Juts make an attempt to it.

Having hassle in managing your sales process or accounts receivables? Or want to outsource your sales processing and accounts receivables? Then we are here as a helping for your firms. For further queries, CONTACT US.