Here is a small comparison between Sage and Quickbooks. These views are compiled by taking a survey of more than 1000 Offshore Accountants in India that are hired by people from Europe.

BOOKKEEPING (if you have a lot of invoices to put up):

SAGE: very fast execution, you may enter all of the invoices in a single display screen (that looks as if Excel) and store them at the quit

QB: invoices are post separately and the complete posting can take longer

POSTING bank payments/RECEIPTS:

SAGE: it is very easy to post them, menu bar is definitely easy to use, you can submit "fee on bills" for invoices no longer but obtained or lacking and suit the charge afterwards.

QB: clean as well to post them, but you need to go to specific displays (if it is a consumer or supplier payment). For suppliers, QB listing the invoices of suppliers are all considered collectively in one screen and this is a worrying


SAGE: It can reconcile all the invoices of any length and can choose up invoices that perhaps have been obtained later.

QB: unfortunately VAT isn't always handled very well, there are small variations on the entire whilst you run a VAT report or a balance sheet, or nominal ledger hobby.


SAGE: horrible...numbers are in exclusive cells and "wrap textual content" maximum of the time is on, the most effective alternative is to export in .cvs layout or spend time formatting the facts

QB: very good, numbers are tidy in the cells, even formulas are exported (if I take into account)


SAGE: it is pretty restricted, you can easily amend or delete invoices and payments; however journals should be reversed. You can track every correction that has been made, hence allowing the user to know about the history of any transaction.

QB: it is very bendy, you can amend/delete the whole thing, however once is long gone, is gone, you can’t hint the steps of the corrections.

The overall conclusion depends largely on the process itself, i.e., if the company requires a lot of reports, evaluation and control account, then there’s no chance for QB as it's flexible in manipulating information and has a defined export in excel, otherwise if the organisation has plenty of invoices and you need to have the money owed to be presented in order and accurate, go for SAGE!