Indian Chartered Accountants (CAs) are the same as CPAs for American as well as European countries. Where CPAs charge a lot of money to just get the things in order, CAs charge a lot less to provide a wide array of services, including Bookkeeping Services, Accounting Services, Payroll Services, Taxation Services and other accounting and bookkeeping services concerning a particular business.

There may be times when a personal CPA might be eating up valuable resources, time and money, but not in case when you are outsourcing bookkeeping services to India because you pay a lot less for the same services. Even if you match the output, it turns out to be same. On a survey conducted by a multi-national company, it was found that 87% of the firms that outsourced their bookkeeping services got 50% more benefit than hiring an in-house team or a personal CPA for handling various accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Maintaining books is not easy and it requires utmost accuracy and ability to handle complex transactions. Hence, in order to hire the best outsourced bookkeeper, it should be taken into consideration that you ask for their previous work, interview them and then ask for a FREE DEMO OF THE SERVICES they provide. This will be very beneficial if you have to select from a large pool of candidates who have applied for the job.

Because at the end of the day what matters is that you get all your bookkeeping and accounting tasks sorted out by your bookkeeper whereas you focus on the main areas of growing your business. Your love for your business got you into it and therefore you should be spending time on building long-lasting relationships with your customers and let your bookkeeper handle the tasks that require his attention. Hence, it is always beneficial to outsource your bookkeeping services to India.

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