Managing taxes can be a tedious task. For accounting firms, from the months of November throughout January there is always the hassle to meet the tax requirements according to the right mix of strategies. Hence, there is an extra stress to meet the deadlines to avoid any kind of loophole that might result in paying tax that can be reduced otherwise. In order to understand the system of taxes, it is required that extensive research and study be carried out to optimize tax. Accounting firms understand it, but other firms might not. Moreover, during the “tax season” it might be required to put in extra hours at work to calculate taxes according to the best strategy for the client. Obviously, you are looking to get more business from your clients in the future as well and you cannot ignore their requirements as well. So what should accounting firms do?

Well, the answer is simple. Accounting firms should look to outsource their taxation services to offshore partners. This way, they can get their work done for less than 80% of what is the actually cost in the market. A lot of accounting firms are actually going the route of “outsourcing” the taxation services to countries like India, Bangladesh, etc. So, outsourcing to these countries can help in getting accurate and cost-effective solutions for taxation services.

These outsourcing firms can handle a lot of data in less time because they employ people who are going to deliver the project on time. It is always required, though, to check the history of any organisation before handing them an outsource project to take care of. Therefore, it is always advised that accounting firms who are outsourcing their taxation services should ask for DEMO of their work. This way they can easily filter-out the outsourcing companies that can carry out the desired tasks. Because, at the end of the day, you want timely results from the people who are directly under your control and are working in such a Time-Zone that you get 24-hour productivity without giving any extra effort or paying any extra amount.

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