Accountants are thought to be the backbone for any business accounting firm. They are the shape giver to the business firm. Accountants are the one who can give rise in the growth to the business and even they will lead the business to the worst conditions also. It all depends on the behavior of him.

An accountant/businessperson is a professional person who work on the whole accounting process, which includes the activities from recording, classifying of monetary transactions of any business until the last step of preparation of financial statements. He is the one who has vast knowledge about the all the accounting principles and standards and highly qualified in the accounting profession.

Accountant has to perform the various tasks which are associated with business transactions, their recording or presentation. Along with recording the transactions they are additionally concerned in generating the reports which are to be showed to management for future decision making. There are several scopes/areas of accounting in which the person can be specialized and stated as a professional accountant in that particular field.

The onus of managing the accounting process is whole on the shoulders of the accounts. It requires higher degree of attention while carrying on the accounting procedure. As a single mistake in recording the wrong digit may affect all the accounts books in large concern. They do their work with full concentration and dedication.

Accountant by profession (who have high degree in education and professional skills) are certified under the term CA (Chattered Accountant) in India and CPA (Certified Public Accountant) in overseas countries. They are provided with this unique identity so that are counted separate form all other normal accountants.

Accountant must be enriched with the special and distinctive qualities that will suit their personality. These identical traits will be helpful for them to be recognized separately in the crowd of thousands. These features will allow them to do their job very well.

It is essential mainly in the outsourcing firms who are providing the accounting services, that they must have a highly qualified accountant. Avoiding any false representation or recording of data. This can cost over the clients dissatisfaction and unhappy behavior. You can even lose your client if your accountant will not have some special characteristics in him.

There are certain characteristics of the person that are important to exist in any professional accountant which are listed below:

  • They must have a specialized knowledge in accounting rules, principles and standards which are given by GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). He must be aware about the changes, if made, in the existing accounting policies.
  • He must have the ability to organize the whole work in a well-mannered way, avoiding any hustle-bustle in his work. He must be capable of finding any information as and when required.
  • Their work should not suffer from any kind of biasness of the accountant.
  • Their accounting work must be reliable and accurate in terms of recording the figures.
  • He must be loyal and truthful toward his wok. His loyalty must be reflected from his complete work.
  • He must have the ability to communicate with the any type of clients. He must have a formal tone for the communication with their customers.
  • He must enrich with the higher moral values and ethics. As these characteristics are inborn within any person.
  • He must be trustworthy in regard of not sharing any business information to third party outside the business organization. Data handled by him must be kept confidential.
  • His main motive must towards satisfying their clients and customers. The accounting work done must be favorable towards them, by providing them real and accurate view of the business enterprise.
  • He must be creative towards his work. He must have the capacity to mold the work in accordance with him, in which the same work can be completed within less time.
  • He always must be a learner. He never loses the habit of acquiring the knowledge from any other person.

Sometimes it is tough to seek out the employee as an accountant, who must have these essential traits in him. But it is necessary for the proper growth and management of the accounting process undertaken by him. The creation of the business mode in the future wholly depends on the accountant behavior and its characteristics.

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